Types of Qualitative Research Techniques

6 Types of Qualitative Research Techniques

Qualitative research is one of the two major kinds of research. This research is based on theories and theoretical data models. Unlike quantitative research, qualitative research model does not include numerical data and statistics.

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Following are the different types of quantitative research methods:

1. Phenomenological Technique: This kind of research is concerned with how the people have felt during an event or experience. This research uses surveys, observations and interviews to understand the feelings of the people and gather information about it.

Different fields, like business, uses this research type to better their processes and offer more valuable experience to their users.

2. Ethnographic Technique: In this research, the researcher immerses himself into the culture that he wants to study and understand. This method is used to investigate and understand the features of a specific culture and they way it affects the behavior of the communities.

Additionally, it also examines the things that motivate and drive the people of that culture. This method is used by businesses to understand how their services and products influence their customers.

3. Grounded Theory Technique: The Grounded Theory method examines and evaluates the reasons behind a certain event or occurrence. This model is used to understand various genetic, biological and psychological events and the reasons behind their happening.

For businesses, this research helps them in knowing their products’ and services’ unique selling point and maintaining it.

4. Case Study Technique: This method studies a certain object or subject as a whole and collect information related to it. This subject could be anything like a person, community, family, company or an organization. The data is collected through various sources to draw a conclusion about it.

5. Historical Technique: The historical research technique analyzes and tries to understand the present events in the light of past information. It delves into the past of the chosen subject, a person or an occurrence, examines the present events and tries to forecast the future.

The technique is widely used by businesses in examining their previous campaigns and to design their future business efforts.

6. Narrative Technique: Just like a narrative essay, a narrative research technique starts from the very start and identifies the way the subject has developed and progressed. It examines the challenges that the subject has as opportunities.

This type of research is used by businesses to search about the challenges faced by the consumers and the ways they could be turned into business opportunities.

All of these research are used for different purposes and provides different kinds of results.

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